Upcoming Events

March 18 – Men’s Fellowship 6:30
March 19 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 20 -Feast of Purim 6:00**
March 21 – Adult Game Day 1:00
March 21 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 21 – Painting Class 6:00
March 21 – Women’s Circle 7:00
March 24 – Sunday School 9:30
March 24 – Morning Worship 10:45
March 24 – Sunday Night Service 6:30*
March 25 – Holy Wk Planning Mtg 7:00
March 26 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 27 – Bible Study Ruth 6:30*
March 28 – Adult Board Games 1:00
March  31 – Sunday School 9:30
March 31 – Sunday Night Service 6:30*
* Youth meet Sun. & Wed at 6:30
** Youth and Adults Combined

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Listen Here – Sunday 11:30 a.m. 
**Coming Soon Facebook Live **

Ministry Team

First Baptist Church has a great ministry team that works together to make the church a wonderful place to worship, learn, and fellowship.  With a ministry team of about 30 different persons using their time and talents for the Lord, there’s a good a chance you know someone who is serving in our church.  Come and join us!  Let’s grow together.


Bob Johnson, Chairman, John Stephenson, Dr. Ben Mize and Alan Arrington

Helen Johnson, Andrea Crow, Rose Stephenson, Carolyn Brown and Phyllis Massey

Tom Stephenson,  Richard Massey, Bill Stewart, Eugene Morgan, Doug Bashaw

Sunday School Teachers:

Connie Staats, Marie DeLong, Kathy Hudson, Dena Williams, Alan Arrington, Richard Massey, and Susan West

Youth Ministry:
Ann Johnson, Youth Director (7-12), Jessica Morgan, God’s Cadets (K-5), Helen Johnson, God’s Warriors (5-6), Rhonda Ritchie, Family Life, Board of Christian Education, and Sami Wagoner, Youth Volunteer Substitute

Board of Christian Education:
Jane Moore, Chairperson

Adult Ministry:
Dena Williams, Board of Christian Education

Missions Support:
Peg Lyons, Board of Christian Education

Children’s Church:
Deb Lyons, Liz Stewart, Leanne Thompson, Bill Stewart, Eugene Morgan,  Richard Massey, Jennifer Wagoner and Sami Wagoner

Bev Stephenson, Connie Staats, Jane Moore, Rhonda Ritchie, Leigh Ann Kerns, Jessica Morgan, Jennifer Wagoner, Sami Wagoner, and Cari Mize

Audio/Video Support:
Jon Moore, Alex Leonard, John Wagoner, Susan West and Bill Stewart

Amy Starkey