F i r s t  B a p t i s t  C h u r c h
Ravenswood West Virginia
R e a c h i n g  O u t
I n v i t i n g  In
G r o w i n g  In
C h r i s t  T o g e t h e r
Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship
Service: 10:45 AM
Sunday Evening
Bible Study: 6:30 PM
Wednesday Evening
Bible Study: 6:30 PM
First Baptist Church of Ravenswood
215 Ann Street
Ravenswood WV 26164
Office Phone: (304) 273-9910
Vacation Bible School
First Baptist Church of Ravenswood
June 11 - June 15; 5:30 PM - 8 PM

VBS Party
Saturday June 16; 11 AM - 2:00 PM
Camp Dates
Camp Cowen Season is here!
Camp Global
Camp Global 2018:
Family Mission Camp
Speak it!  Share it!  Show it!
Acts 2:37-39
August 10-12, 2018
West Virginia Baptist Camp at Cowen
Programming for children, youth and adults.
The camp will begin with registration on Friday at 6 p.m. and will conclude on Sunday at 1 p.m.
For a Copy Of The Registration Form, Please Click Here.
Registration deadline: August 6, 2018
For More Information, Contact Joan at 304.422.6449 Or
The Digital Learning Initiative is a training program intended to provide quality.
Quality instruction to pastors, pastors-in-training, church leaders and others by digitizing the three-year Pastoral Ministry program of the School of Christian Studies and making it available to persons who otherwise could not receive training because of scheduling issues or lack of broadband internet.
2018 World Mission
World Missions Week: July 2-7, 2018
World Missions Week is the only week of the summer at Caswell with programming for all age groups (nursery, pre-school, children, youth and adults).
Are you interested in great Bible studies, great preaching and powerful worship? Are you interested in learning about exciting opportunities for involvement in state, national, and international missions? Then, World Missions Week is the place you want to be! Powerful worship, morning Bible Study and small group times, and mission moments are but a small part of World Missions Week. The Museum will be leading worship each evening. Tom Richter will be our pastor for the week. Inspirational and informative studies will be provided for all age groups (pre-school, children, youth, adults) as well. This is the only week of the summer at Caswell that offers programming for all age groups.
The Discipleship Commission is excited to announce the 2018 theme of Faith in the Workplace.
Individuals and local churches are encouraged to join the movement!  Let’s make this a year of impact in our workplaces, wherever they are!
Please click here for the WorkLife Swtich Tool registration form.
Suggestions for using WorkLife in your church are located here.