Upcoming Events

July 17 Second Qrt. Bus. Mtg. 6:30*
July 18 Adult Game Day 1:00
July 18 Women’s Circle Mtg. 7:00
July 21 Sunday School 9:30
July 21 Morning Worship 10:45
July 21 Church Picnic/Dog Show 6:00

* Youth meet Sun. & Wed at 6:30

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What to Expect at FBC

The congregation at First Baptist Church (FBC) consists of a mix of older adults, young families, and children of all ages.  The church is part of the West Virginia Baptist Convention and is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA denomination.  Our church does not specify which Bible translation you should use.  In our services, our pastor will typically use the New King James Version of the Bible.

Our congregation size varies.  Typically, we will have between 100-120 attendees on Sunday morning.  Evening service attendance varies, but usually are about half the size of Sunday morning. 

The physical address of the church is 215 Ann Street, in Ravenswood.  Your GPS will bring you to the front door.  Parking is available both on-street surrounding the church, or in the gravel parking lot located across the church behind the apartments.  You can enter that parking area from Sycamore Street.  Much of the street parking is gone by 10:20, so plan to come early.

Upon entering FBC on Sunday morning, you will likely be greeted by Jon Moore, our head greeter.  Jon will ensure you have a bulletin for the service.  If you are a first time visitor, you will receive a welcome gift such as a Fiestaware mug, as a token of appreciation of your visit.

Once inside, you’ll find a church that is steeped with a history of over 150 years.  The sanctuary is simply beautiful and very traditional in appearance.

You will find a mix of clothing worn at FBC.  You will find some people who choose to wear suits or business clothes, while others are much less formal and wear jeans and a shirt.  There is no formal dress code at FBC.  Attendees tend to dress much more casual for evening services.

Sunday School is a tradition at FBC and begins with a brief welcome at 9:30 in the sanctuary.  At 9:45, everyone goes to their classes.  FBC provides an intimate learning experience for all ages.  We have classes for preschool, elementary, junior high, high school, adults, and senior adults.  Sunday School dismisses at 10:30, and allows time for everyone to make it to the sanctuary for morning worship which begins at 10:45.   There, you will likely see our pastor walking around the congregation greeting people between 10:30-10:45.   

Our Sunday morning worship service uses a blended format with both traditional and contemporary praise and worship music. We feature both a piano and organ.  Typically, there will be at two traditional and two contemporary praise and worship songs as part of the service.  FBC has a wonderful choir that blesses attendees most every Sunday morning with a special song that crosses both genres of music.  Our Sunday evening services usually involve two traditional songs, and allow for both prayer requests and praise reports or testimonies.

As part of FBC’s Sunday morning worship service, each service starts with an opening song of praise and then includes time for a handshake greeting.  Our service lasts until noon.  Each service concludes with a time of invitation to allow attendees the opportunity to come forward and pray at the altar over concerns or to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. You’ll also notice our church involves the youth in the service such as ringing the church bell, and participating as a junior usher. We feel it’s important for our children to learn the importance of serving in the church.

Our Sunday evening worship service and youth groups meet at 6:30.  Most arrive between 6:15-6:25.  Youth groups immediately report upstairs or in the fellowship hall upon arrival.  Adults are in the sanctuary.  Sunday evening worship, as mentioned, has a more casual atmosphere.  There will be a time for prayer, singing, and testimonies/praise reports.  The sermon typically lasts about 30 minutes and ends at 7:30.

Wednesday evening is Bible Study and Prayer Meeting for adults while the youth group meets at 6:30.  This service is casual.  During this service, there is time set aside for singing, prayer requests, and giving praise reports or testimonies.  FBC’s Bible Study uses a verse-by-verse teaching method.  The class is interactive, fun, and engaging.  Expect to spend about 30 minutes in actual study.  Everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts on the lesson.  Our pastor says this is the fastest hour of the week.  This service ends at 7:30, at which time, choir practice begins.

If you have additional questions about our service format or about the church in general, please call the office at (304) 273-9910.  You and your family are welcome to stop by and visit the church throughout the week between 8-Noon and take a tour.  

Everyone at FBC considers it an honor to welcome you and your family to be a part of our family.  We are not perfect by any means, but we do love the Lord and each other. We strive to be the best Christians that we can be.  We can do so much more together than we can do individually.  Thank you for considering FBC as your home church.  Come and let’s grow in Christ together.