Upcoming Events

March 18 – Men’s Fellowship 6:30
March 19 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 20 -Feast of Purim 6:00**
March 21 – Adult Game Day 1:00
March 21 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 21 – Painting Class 6:00
March 21 – Women’s Circle 7:00
March 24 – Sunday School 9:30
March 24 – Morning Worship 10:45
March 24 – Sunday Night Service 6:30*
March 25 – Holy Wk Planning Mtg 7:00
March 26 – Temple Challenge 6:00
March 27 – Bible Study Ruth 6:30*
March 28 – Adult Board Games 1:00
March  31 РSunday School 9:30
March 31 – Sunday Night Service 6:30*
* Youth meet Sun. & Wed at 6:30
** Youth and Adults Combined

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Listen Here РSunday 11:30 a.m. 
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Youth Groups

Active. Engaged. Connected.

First Baptist Church of Ravenswood has made youth fellowship opportunities a priority, and we have invested our resources to make them one of the most active in the region.  Our youth programs are under the FBC Youth Ministries Director Ann Johnson. 

Ann is a school teacher in Jackson County who brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the program.  First Baptist Church offers three youth programs on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30.

Captivate Teens

The first youth group is called Captivate.  Captivate meets twice a week with Ms. Johnson.  Captivate consists of the junior high / high school ministry.  Captivate has been involved in beach mission projects, a church card ministry, random acts of kindness, teen applicable Bible study, and simply having a great time.  Every meeting of Captivate involves free food.  Whether it’s a walk to a nearby restaurant and fellowship on the fly, or cooking up a favorite meal of one of the Captivators.

Teens Volunteering at Brothers Keeper Summer Mission Project 

See several of our teens in action at Brother’s Keeper Mission Camp.  Each year, volunteer teens from across WV and several states roll into Ripley, WV to take part in helping repair homes in the community.  We are proud to have teens involved along with a wonderful crew leader like licensed contractor Al Arrington who is a deacon in our church.  To learn more about Brother’s Keeper, please visit their website here.

For the Younger Kids 

God’s Cadets and God’s Warriors are the two younger age groups that meet at the church involving children up to junior high school.  These groups have been known to participate in fun activities such as visiting the Fun Barn amusement center, watching children’s movies, attending the children’s fall festival, fall rallies, painting projects, and more.  Helen Johnson and Jessica Morgan work hard to oversee these groups.

While your children are involved in youth programs, adults can take part in the evening services in the sanctuary.