Upcoming Events

Oct. 14 Men’s Fellowship 6:30
Oct. 14 Brd. of Christ. Ed. 7:00
Oct. 16 Qrtly. Bus. Mtg. 6:30*
Oct. 17 Adult Game Day 1:00
Oct. 18 End Zone Party 9-11
Oct. 18-19 WVBC Convention
Oct. 19 Comm. Kitchen 11:30
Oct. 20 Sun. School 9:30
Oct. 20 Worship 10:45
Oct. 20 Worship 6:30*
Oct. 22 Women’s CIRCLE 7:00
Oct. 23 Bible Study 6:30*
Oct. 24 Adult Brd. Games 1:00
Oct. 24 Pump. Carv. & Pizza 6:00
Oct. 25 End Zone 9-11
Oct. 27 Sun. School 9:30
Oct. 27 Worship 10:45
Oct. 27 Worship 6:30*

* Youth meet Sun. & Wed at 6:30

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Anchor Newsletter

Each month, First Baptist Church publishes the Anchor newsletter that provides valuable information about church activities and events occuring that particular month.  Please feel free to browse the Anchor to see what First Baptist has to offer throughout the year.  

You may click on the title and date of each anchor to view.  If you would like to download a copy of the Anchor to keep, please use the download button.  When downloading files keep in mind these files are in a PDF format which may take a few moments to download.  *Each Anchor is listed by the month and year (Example: 1-19 would be January 2019).

Daily Bible Verse

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